We are a leader in offering an innovative, respectful, and successful culturally appropriate communications. We value inclusive and equitable practices, that benefits everyone involved.

We are not only providing strategic guidance benefitting minorities, but to the majority as well. Being inclusive and equitable involves prioritizing everyone.

We are guided by Indigenous values and practices and are a leader in Indigenous Relations and Indigenous communications. We also offer culturally intelligent communications to a variety of clients working in multicultural environments and serving diverse communities.

Charla Huber Indigenous Communications Ltd. is an Indigenous owned and Indigenous led organization.

About Me

Charla Huber

Charla Huber is an Indigenous professional who has walked in two world her entire life. Charla has an incredible ability to building relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities with the goal of ensuring outcomes are mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

Charla has connected with more than 100 Indigenous communities across Canada, most within British Columbia. Charla has assisted large corporations, government ministries, non-profits and local businesses with Indigenous relations and communications projects

Charla has assisted in community reconciliations committees and events, navigating partnerships deals and project management, adding an Indigenous lens to corporate communications practices, and assisting employers on better supporting Indigenous employees and Indigenous communities.

Charla Huber has a strong background working in both the affordable housing and non-profit sector, and has a passion for Indigenous Relations. Charla has a master’s degree in professional communications and has completed a fully-funded research project on Indigenous ways of communicating so employers can better support Indigenous employees. Charla writes a weekly column in the Times Colonist newspaper that often highlights Indigenous issues. Charla is associate faculty at Royal Roads University. Charla is the Human Resources Committee Chair of the Victoria-Esquimalt Police Board and President of the BC Association of Police Boards. Charla’s family is from Fort Chipewyan, Alta., and she has both First Nations and Inuit roots.