Storytelling, journalism and drive



As a communications professional, I strive to find innovative approaches to conveying messages. It’s through my background in journalism that I learned adding human elements makes the information being communicated relatable to larger audience. I have my own approach to incorporating storytelling when delivering data and key messages.

I enjoying speaking at conferences sharing stories that demonstrate how taking a new approach and result in successful outcomes

I’ve delved into social media and created successful communications plans and campaigns for various social media platforms. There is a real art to telling an engaging story in 140-characters.

I write a weekly column in the Victoria Times Colonist newspaper. I am always interested in presenting to groups at events or conferences on storytelling, communications and Indigenous relations.

Indigenous Relations

I have successfully formed a variety of partnerships with First Nations, local governments, non-profits and other organizations. Working together leads to greater achievement for all parties involved. In life and in business we can all succeed.

Many organizations, businesses and government agencies seek guidance to learn how to engage with First Nations in a respectful, appropriate and meaningful way. I demonstrate protocols and cultural elements that can assist when building relationships and strengthening communities.

I am of Chipewyan and Inuit ancestry. Protocols, respectful practices and cultural sensitives are fluid and vary from each Indigenous Community. In my work I understand this and ensure to always ask questions before I assume anything.